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Peter Marabell grew up in Metro Detroit, spending as much time as he could street racing on Woodward Avenue in the late 1950s and visiting the Straits of Mackinac.


With a Ph.D. in History and Politics, Peter spent most of his professional career at Michigan State University. He is the author of the historical monograph, "Frederick Libby and the American Peace Movement," soon to be published by Kendall Sheepman Company.


His first novel, More Than a Body, was published in 2013. The first of the Michael Russo mystery series, "Murder at Cherokee Point" (2014) was followed by "Murder on Lake Street" (2015), "Devils Are Here" (2016), and "Death Lease" (2018). As a freelance writer, he worked in several professional fields including health care, politics, and the arts.


In 2002, Peter move permanently to northern Michigan with his spouse and business partner, Frances Barger, to live, write, and work at their Mackinac Island business. All things considered (Peter still says), he would rather indulge in American politics, or Spartan basketball, after a satisfying five-mile run on the hills of Mackinac Island.


Peter Marabell and Frances Barger

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